Kitten At Play

Cover of Exodus Graduate student Jason has fallen hard for his library study buddy, Cooper. He knows about Cooper's girlfriend, so he expects his crush to go unnoticed. However when Cooper invites Jason to CatsEye, a member's only sex club, Jason finds out three is not such a bad number.

Cooper and his girlfriend, Lexie, take Jason on an erotic thrill ride, showing him kinks he never knew existed. But can they steal his heart as well?

Kitten at Play collects four erotic short stories:Catseye, Leashed Tails, Kitten's Ribbons, and Cat's Walk. All were previously published in individual anthologies, but are now together for the first time.

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Review Excerpt:

"The sex scene at the club had me going for the ice water. CC Bridges wove a heartwarming story with Jason learning to overcome some of his insecurities." - Literary Nymphs (About Kitten's Ribbons)