Wolf Knight

A knight with dark hair stands in the forest

Renee Wyvern fought her way to join the ranks of the Wolf, the only order of all female knights in Hedlund. She's determined to demonstrate her skills at the annual tourney and win honor for herself and her order. First, however, she needs to escort Hedlund's princess back home. She's not prepared for the attraction that strikes her.

Princess Adelaide is tired of hiding. She's been forced into the convent for the past five years, and now she must let herself be sold off in marriage to ensure the continued peace. But her heart is captured by the dashing knight who guards her unexpectedly perilous journey. Maybe it's time for her to start acting like a princess and take what she wants.

They are kept apart by honor and duty. Can love somehow win the day?

(originally published in the To The Victor anthology by Less Than Three Press)

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